No Odor Paints do they work?

Lots of today’s paints claim to be no odor or low odor paints. We have found for the most part they do work but what about when using oil based primers. Primers like Zinsser Cover Stain or really any type of oil based product have a really harsh odor.

What we do is use paint sensations which is a liquid fragrance added to your paint at the paint store (the best way) or on the jobsite. This stuff really works! The best way we have found is to have it added to your paint at the store. That way it’s shook up along with your paint once it’s in the shaker.

When you do it onsite and stir it in by hand it still works but not as well as when it’s done at your local paint store. Our favorite and what works the best to eliminate the paint odor is Clean & Crisp.

Next time you’re at your local paint store try them out we use them quite often. Our customers always comment on the fact of no traceable paint odors left behind. Check them out and here’s some great info on there products.

Nick Dunse/